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Established in 1981 by Mr. S.K Sachdeva, we are one of the biggest importers and wholesalers of medical items with multiple offices across Delhi and experience of over 41 years.

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Manufacturer, Importer and Wholesaler

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51 - 100

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Rs 25 - 50 Crore

Launching our own brand – AccuNova for superior quality latex / nitrile examination gloves and for medical grade oxygen concentrators.
Other medical products will also be launched with AccuNova branding soon.

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We cater to a large client base that includes various prestigious names and organizations.

How to Find the Right Oxygen Concentrator: A Complete Guide

Recently, the need for reliable and efficient oxygen concentrators has become more important than ever. With the increasing demand for oxygen support, individuals and healthcare providers are looking for reliable suppliers and distributors who can provide high quality oxygen machines. In this guide, we’ll explore the importance of oxygen concentrators, the key factors to consider when choosing one, and where to find reputable suppliers and distributors.

Understanding oxygen concentrators

Oxygen concentrators are medical devices designed to deliver concentrated oxygen to people who have respiratory conditions or who need supplemental oxygen. These machines extract oxygen from the surrounding air, remove impurities and provide pure oxygen to the user through a mask or nasal cannula. Unlike traditional oxygen cylinders, concentrators provide a continuous supply of oxygen without the need for refilling, which makes them very convenient for long-term use.

Factors to consider when choosing an oxygen concentrator

When selecting an oxygen concentrator, several factors must be considered to ensure optimal performance and suitability for the user’s needs. These factors include oxygen flow rate, power source, portability, noise level, and maintenance requirements.

Oxygen Flow Rate: The oxygen flow rate determines the amount of oxygen delivered to the user per minute. It is essential to consult with a healthcare professional to determine the appropriate flow rate for your specific situation.

Power Source: Oxygen concentrators can be powered by electricity, batteries, or both. Consider the availability of power sources and the intended use of the machine to choose the most appropriate option.

Portability – If mobility is a priority, portable oxygen concentrators provide freedom of movement. Evaluate the weight, size, and lifespan of portable models to ensure they meet your mobility requirements.

Noise Level: Some oxygen concentrators can generate noise during operation. For people who value a quiet environment, it is necessary to choose a machine with low noise emission.

Maintenance Requirements: Understanding the maintenance needs of an oxygen concentrator is vital to its long-term use. Regular cleaning, filter replacement and maintenance may be required to keep the machine operating optimally.

Find reliable supplier and distributor of oxygen concentrators

To ensure the quality and reliability of the oxygen concentrator, it is essential to obtain it from reputable suppliers and distributors. Here are some ways to find reliable service providers:

Online Research – Conduct extensive online research to identify suppliers and distributors that specialize in medical equipment. Read customer reviews and ratings to gauge your reputation and customer satisfaction.

Referrals: Look for recommendations from healthcare professionals, support groups, or friends who have purchased oxygen concentrators in the past. Their first-hand experience can help you find reliable service providers.

Local medical supply stores: Visit local medical supply stores and ask about their oxygen concentrator options. Engage in discussions with expert staff to gain insight into the quality and functionality of different models.


Choosing the right oxygen concentrator is crucial for people who need oxygen therapy or supplemental oxygen. By considering factors such as oxygen flow rate, power source, portability, noise level, and maintenance requirements, individuals can select a suitable device for their specific needs. In addition, doing extensive research, looking for references, and exploring reputable suppliers and distributors will ensure that you purchase quality oxygen concentrators. Prioritizing the reliability and functionality of these essential devices is vital to improving the quality of life for those who depend on oxygen therapy.